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How It Works

The Carbon Credit market is broken.
Urban Offsets is fixing it.

Schools, businesses, and other organizations across the country are committed to reducing their carbon emissions. Carbon Offset projects around the globe allow these organizations to purchase carbon credits that negate those emissions.

Traditionally, carbon credits have been difficult to purchase and nearly impossible to understand. Where did they come from? What kind of project created these offsets? Is your purchase supporting a “quick-fix” project, or does it contribute to a more sustainable world?

Additionally, carbon credits are usually a “one and done” purchase. You buy offsets to stay under your emissions goals, and you keep doing so year after year. Credits bought this way are a waste of money because they do nothing improve your organization’s long-term sustainability.

Urban Offsets puts your carbon credits to work.

While traditional carbon credit purchases serve only to offset emissions in the short-term, Urban Offsets’ custom offset solutions give you the carbon credits you need today while also investing your money in long-term solutions, essentially doubling the value of your carbon dollar. So, how do we do this? By harnessing the potential of your local community. Too often, we look for large-scale, global solutions to our climate challenges. Urban Offsets was founded because we see the value in local communities as a key partner in the fight against global climate change.

The formula is simple. We find verified, high-quality carbon credits from around the country. All projects are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are quality, sustainable initiatives that help make the world a better place.

Then, we partner with non-profit organizations to create tree planting projects in your community.

Part of your carbon dollar is invested in these tree planting projects. Together with our non-profit partners, we create a contract that will ensure the maintenance of these trees for the next 40 years. Typically, companies elect to hold a tree planting event to connect with customers and demonstrate their commitment to fighting climate change and helping their local community.

Once you sign a contract with Urban Offsets, you get two things right away:

1. Verified, quality, retireable carbon credits
2. A tree planting event in your community

But the value doesn’t stop there. As the trees you’ve planted begin to grow, they too will generate carbon offsets. We will track and inventory the trees, and once they produce enough offsets to create carbon credits, we give a portion of those credits back to you in perpetuity. Out of that initial investment in carbon credits, you’ve not only received the credits themselves, but also:

1. Valuable sustainability outreach in your local community (PR)
2. The security of low-cost carbon credits in the future

Urban Offsets’ mission is to transmit the under-utilized commodities of carbon offsets into tangible improvements in local communities. Universities, private businesses, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and even individual community members benefit short- and long-term from becoming involved with an Urban Offsets project. A carbon offset purchase through Urban Offsets has a far-reaching, long-lasting, and positive impact for people at every level of participation.

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