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Offsets made local.

The carbon credit market is broken.
Urban Offsets is fixing it.

We create custom sustainability packages that combine verified carbon credits with local tree planting projects. Our proprietary model provides solutions for everything that’s wrong with today’s carbon market.

Can be used to offset emissions

Available from offset projects worldwide

Always verified

Always high-quality

Can be packaged with local tree planting projects

Provide PR opportunities through tree planting events

Custom selected and curated to meet your needs








The formula is simple.

We find verified, high-quality carbon credits from around the country.
Then, we partner with non-profit organizations to create tree planting projects in your community.

Your offset purchase gets you carbon credits now, while also:

Investing a portion of your purchase back into your local community

Giving your organization valuable public relations exposure

Securing you future carbon credits generated by the trees that you’ve supported

Telling your sustainability story

June 23, 2017
Major University Takes Leading Step Toward Carbon Neutrality

On June 5th, American University (AU) announced a major step forward in their commitment to become a carbon neutral university by…

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June 9, 2017
5 Things to Consider When Posting a Bid for Offset Projects

In 2006, a group of higher education leaders concerned about their schools’ environmental impact convened at Arizona State University to map…

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June 1, 2017
No matter the administration, show your commitment.

With President Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, Urban Offsets is empowering the people of New York City to…

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