About Us

Our mission is to build climate resilient communities.

Urban Offsets creates and nurtures partnerships that sustain urban forestry, fight climate change, and build the future we deserve and need.


We partner with nonprofits to sustainably support and manage natural resources in urban areas.


We work with cities to locate, invest in, and support the natural assets that will protect them against the effects of climate change.


We help mission-driven companies invest in environmental assets that support their sustainability commitment and their bottom line.


We create new and efficient climate strategies for universities using the businesses and communities around them.

Meet Shawn

In 2008, while researching the effects of global warming on the tundra of Canada’s Northwest Territories, Shawn realized he was studying climate change in the wrong place. Wanting to meaningfully help humans cope with the effects of climate change meant refocusing on the places where we live, work, and play.

For the next several years he worked on strategies and software to help U.S. cities manage the millions of trees planted in their parks and along their streets. His desire to equip cities with the support and partnerships needed to effectively grow and maintain their urban forests and create resiliency in the face of climate change led to the founding of Urban Offsets.

Urban Offsets Founder Shawn Gagne on a boulder deposited by glaciers north of Daring Lake 10,000 years ago, 2008.