What is the Community Carbon Registry?

March 15, 2018

Urban Offsets’ mission is to build climate resilient communities. Part of that mission includes helping cities and nonprofits plant more trees and care for more green spaces throughout their local communities.

Using the Community Carbon Bundle system developed by Urban Offsets, we can effectively link the purchase of 3rd Party verified emission reductions (aka carbon offsets) with the planting and maintenance of trees in each community. Buyers can choose to support tree planting programs in cities close to their customers, where their employees live, or even where those trees are needed the most.

A big part of our mission relies on helping businesses, cities, and nonprofits tell their stories about how carbon offsets can help achieve their missions. The Community Carbon Registry was designed to provide that help.


The Project Registry has four parts:

1. Registry Homepage
The Registry homepage serves as a hub for Community Carbon projects. Visitors can search for projects to support based on location, key attributes, keywords and available carbon credits. In addition, visitors can click through to Project Owners, Project Supporters and Project Profiles to see details on potential projects, partners, and stakeholders.

2. Project Owner Profiles
Project Owners are the cities and nonprofits who serve as the boots-on-the-ground for Urban Offsets. Owners have tree planting and maintenance programs that are underfunded. Urban Offsets helps these groups find funding by highlighting these projects on the Registry homepage and connecting Owners to Supporters. Every Owner that partners with Urban Offsets receives their own profile page that showcases their ongoing sustainability efforts and their community tree support projects.

3. Project Supporter Profiles
Project Supporters are the companies that fund community tree projects through their Community Carbon Bundle purchases. Every Supporter receives their own profile page detailing their sustainability goals, the projects they support and the carbon offsets purchased. This provides Supporters with an easy way to share the impact of their projects with employees and other stakeholders. Supporters can also use the Registry homepage to search for new projects to fund based on project specific details, such as location.

4. Project Profiles
Project Profiles act as the homebase for the tree planting programs run by our partners. These pages describe the goal of the project and showcase project details including the number of trees supported, available carbon credits, owners, supporters, location, and timeline.


Integration with Fulcrum’s georeferenced database of tree planting projects is the latest addition to the Community Carbon Registry.  As of 2018, Urban Offsets has developed seamless integration using Fulcrum’s API there by providing much more transparency, accountability, audit capabilities and ability to project biomass data on a real time basis from the trees in the ground.  With this update, users are able to GPS locate individual trees and document the species, health, and other attributes of each tree. Together, these data show how many trees of each species are thriving in communities across the country. Through these and other methods, Urban Offsets will track and document urban tree growth in different climate regions. This first-of-its-kind data set will help improve urban forest management across the country.

Urban Offsets continues to help companies, cities, and nonprofits turn their carbon offsets into assets by building solutions that simultaneously fight climate change, build meaningful relationships, and have local impact.  The Urban Offsets Registry makes this possible by providing an easy way to find, support, track, and share community carbon projects.