How It Works

Our Sustainability Portfolio Approach:


Source high quality carbon offsets certified by the four big exchanges that match your mission, relationships, and geography.


Evaluate and grade these carbon offsets for 50+ criteria left out of 3rd party verification programs, including project reliability, history of failure, protocol quality, and perceived risks. Each offset receives a final score that can help you strategically invest in sustainability.


Bundle each offset with community tree programs that sustainably engage nonprofit partners in cities that matter to you.

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Community Benefits

Sustained Growth

Every offset in a Sustainability Portfolio supports our nonprofit partners in planting and caring for additional urban trees. A strong and healthy urban forest supported by offsets in your Sustainability Portfolio can create new carbon credits as they grow and mature.

Engagement & Outreach

Tree planting events can be leveraged as marketing tools that engage employees, attract new candidates, and directly speak to the clients your business seeks to attain.

The carbon offset registries we work with: