PRESS RELEASE: Suncierge partners with Urban Offsets to offer carbon neutral vacation flights

March 13, 2017

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Shawn Gagné, CEO Urban Offsets, Inc.

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Eco-friendly travelers keep St Patrick’s Day green

Here is a timely story about minimizing the impact of air travel on the environment as people gear up for spring break and summer vacations.

Suncierge partners with Greensboro’s Urban Offsets to create local Carbon Credits for Eco-minded Travelers.

March 17, 2017 (St Patrick’s Day)

Greensboro, NC – St Patrick’s Day has inspired two local entrepreneurs to “spread a little green” across local North Carolina communities. Greensboro-based startups Urban Offsets and Suncierge have partnered together to help eco-minded flyers neutralize their environmental impact.

Suncierge’s clients who enjoy traveling across the globe are able to opt in to this exclusive concierge service when they fly out of the Triad, Triangle, and Charlotte airports. After booking travel, clients can choose to receive a personalized carbon impact report based on their itinerary. They can then volunteer to “cancel out” their carbon footprint by purchasing offsets in the form of locally planted trees. As a show of matching commitment to our clients who opt in, Suncierge is voluntarily providing this service at no profit during the initial pilot period to help encourage participation.

Rather than being planted in faraway places as usual with offset programs, these trees are located and maintain within the communities of Urban Offsets’ partnering locations: Greensboro, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, and Wilson North Carolina. Over time these trees create carbon credits locally that offset the impact of carbon dioxide emissions associated with flights.

A family of four flying from Raleigh-Durham to Rome, Italy, would produce about four tons of carbon dioxide emissions.¹ These emissions could be offset by planting just one tree in a community or school location nearby. Families who opt in to the program receive a certificate showing where their tree was planted along with the source of their carbon offsets.

“In the past, carbon offsets were viewed as a last resort for climate conscious consumers and industries,” Urban Offsets founder & CEO, Shawn Gagne, said. “They’re rightly hesitant to outsource their climate contributions to far-flung and disconnected projects.” By working with cities and local universities to plant trees and track their growth over time, Urban Offsets has pioneered a new type of carbon offset that people can see, touch, and trust.

“Environmental responsibility is an important strategic priority at Suncierge. We are fully committed to being a part of the solution by raising awareness with our clients at the point of travel and by providing opportunities to actively engage in those solutions at a local level.” commented Suncierge CEO, Christie Soper.

“We are very excited to work with Christie and Suncierge,” Shawn adds. “Purchasing offsets creates a win-win for travelers and their local communities! By planting trees in our communities, we can see and touch the difference they make every day.”

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About Urban Offsets
People, universities, and businesses across the country struggle to find real solutions for their growing carbon footprint. By working with cities to plant and care for new trees in parks and at public schools, Urban Offsets helps eco-minded people and businesses find and purchase local carbon solutions that also support their community. Working with local universities and nonprofit partners ensures every tree stays healthy for at least two generations.

About Suncierge℠ 
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¹A family of 4 generates approximately 16 tons of CO emissions with a return flight to Rome. There will always be variation between emissions reported from any single flight and that of a calculated flight. This variation is due to climatic conditions, such as headwinds or tailwinds, flight distance, detours to avoid inclement weather, different holding patterns and the mass of the aircraft load. Air travel emissions herein are based on industry standard models from The Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University.