What is the Community Carbon Registry?

Urban Offsets’ mission is to build climate resilient communities. Part of that mission includes helping cities and nonprofits plant more trees…

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How Urban Offsets is Revolutionizing the Landscape of Sustainability Investments

Two years ago, while I was helping the city of Wilson North Carolina look at their trees as assets instead of…

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September 30, 2016 by

The Future of Urban Forestry

Urban Foresters have long debated how urban forestry should be viewed and approached. Although at first it may seem like a…

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September 9, 2016 by

UFMPs for Post-Natural Disaster

In last week’s post, we explored how prevention such as root channels and pruning in urban forests can go a long…

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UFMPs for Natural Disaster Prone Cities

I remember watching the devastation when Hurricane Katrina hit. Destruction and disaster filled the streets, families were displaced, lives lost, and…

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Steps 5 & 6: Public Relations and Education & Cost/Benefit Analysis

The following are steps 5 and 6 in our series of developing an urban forestry management plan. If you haven’t seen…

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